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Life smacks u in the face quite often. It is about how u deal with that smack and move on forward x

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I have a plan!

I have a plan, it will all change. There is a bit if a waiting game involved. However I know just what I’m doing x


My fiancé says he won’t marry me till I’m a size 12 (British) even though I was a size 14 when I met him 5 yeArs ago and am floating around that size. Still now. Have also found out he woz asking another for sex just few months ago but luckily she has morals. I gave up my home and life for this man. But am now considering that I am not the right person for him, I just am helpful to pay the bills x


Progress report

Well the kids did me proud in the first two performances of Mary Poppins. They were fab darling. So two down, two to go! X

Diet, well I have worked 13 hours today non stop.
Breakfast: two slices of toast
Lunch: low fat crisps and two crab sticks
Dinner: crisp and ham sandwich with whole meal bread.

However I am starving now, so may have to find a healthy snack b4 sleep x

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Oh dear, it’s gonna get manic!

I should b snoring about now, as the next few days are going to kill me off. I have two 13 hours days at school as I direct the final school performance, I have to move classrooms (which is almost as bad as moving house). We have school discos,concerts, church events, picnic with bouncy castles (more stress than u would imagine with 120 over excited 11 year olds!). And my daughter is also leaving and heading off to high school and down the one way street of no return, becoming a teenager!! All whilst not reaching for CAKE!
Gosh u really need to stop thinking of the stresses and relax then go to sleep x x

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what a scorcher!☀

The heat wave is continuing here in the UK.  All good for me as I want to eat a lot less when I am sweaty and hot.  However, I want to get off my big fat butt even more. However, I did. I cycled to work today 🚲. And sweated off a bucket 😝. Today, I ate ok, not as little as I should, but nothing too bad. So, let me go for the boring list of munchies:

🍳 toast for breakfast

🍴 Cous cous and a low fat bag of crisps for lunch.

a handful of peanuts for a snack

🍗 Half a plate of Chicken casserole with chic peas and loads of veg. a couple of dumplins and a slice of bread for my dinner.

🍺half a pint glass of cold cider and a 🍵 in the evening

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Whoops I did it again !

Yesterday was not a good day. I drank too much therefore I ate too much. However today I have been in bike, I’ve been swimming, done gardening, cooked a roast dinner and 2 hours of ironing. Finally, for the first time today I have sat down.
Who says Sunday is meant to be a day of rest?
I had a large roast dinner but most was veg. Also that is all I have had today, except lots and lots of water as it is over 30 degrees today and doing anything leaves me dripping with sweat! Ewww, I hate to sweat, it is so not lady like.
Am planning to ride to work tomorrow.
I have to start working hard on this and moving away from that horrid before picture! X x


Mary poppins

I HATE MARY POPPINS! Yes it’s end if year school play. Yes we are doing Mary Poppins. With only 3 school days left, I have decided I hate it with a vengeance and will never watch the film again. AHHH. A 60 hour week this week, with the two shows I’m looking at at least a 75 hour week. I will be a zombie teacher by this time next week!

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Ooh a new TV channel on free view


How cool a new channel called ‘drama’ which has all the programs my other half hates to watch, now I can watch them on the tele in the bedroom. This includes my fave series ‘call the midwife’.

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Day three…

Well day three has gone ok. Toast for breakfast, two small rolls with a slice of and low cal crisps for lunch. Then for tea I had spaghetti bologaise with loads of veg included. 1 glass of chilled low alc cider to chill. No snack, no naughty cals, NO COUNTING those damn cals and it was so much easier!

Lets hope it works tomorrow too x x x

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